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Aberdaron 5 Aug 2001

Aberdaron and
Pwllheli, N. Wales

Bon Journal

Uninterrupted solitude

It rained last night.

Somehow the rain washed away the tension of last week and the anticipation of next week.

Almost everyone in this house of music had left for Bangor, Wales earlier. It's the perfect opportunity to play the fortessimo octave progressions in Saint-Saens' piano concerto number two. But, instead of practising, I decided to work on my Web site.

After downloading the photos from my borrowed digital camera, I went into a trance-like ritual of opening and editing them in Adobe Photoshop. Each photo brought back memories - my father's visit, concerts, the beach, etc. With each act of opening, adjusting the colour balance, resizing, saving for the Web, and closing the file, my right thumb and wrist ached a little more than before. Two hours and two dozen photos later, my right hand cried out in pain.

Not having touched my laptop for two weeks, I have forgotten how addictive it is. Despite the mysterious crack which appeared last week, the computer still worked. However, I've forgotten how to write. Perhaps updating the last two weeks of memories would give me the badly needed practice.

Yet, the pain in my right hand persists. It is warning me that maybe piano and computers don't mix. I just hope the sun comes out tomorrow - to lure me to the beach again.

6 August 2001

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