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Bon Journal

Friends near and far

She looked as glamorous as ever. Dressed in black and wearing designer sunglasses that made her look like a movie star, she was looking around for me while talking to me on her mobile. I was walking downstairs from Tower Bridge.

The first time I met her was at the end of Klaus' dinner party. We all lived in the same neighbourhood. So we all walked home together. We talked about having mirrors on the ceiling. I don't know how we ended up talking about that.

At dusk, we drank to our friendship. I missed having good friends living close by.

Later we called James and Kathy. They have also moved. We had attended their wedding some six years ago. I still have a picture of her holding a little baby girl called Noemi. She's now 6 and tall, just like her father.

So tonight we reminisced.

But the glasses of white wine were not over sadness. We talked about the future. What's important to us. Isaac said to me, "You have a good job now. I can see you are happy. Stick with it."

3 July 2001

Isaac and Clemencia, June 1997
Noemi and her father Dirk, March 2001