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The store on Carnaby Street (parallel to Regent Street, between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus) was called LUSH.

Inside, it looked like a salad bar or a food store.

Instead, the salad bar was really full of incredibly fresh things for your face: cucumber, mint mask and other wonderful stuff.

Big chunks of soap - free of packaging - just cut the size you want. Price by weight - stg/kg.

What looked like sushi was just another type of organic, fresh soap.

I asked for a coconut conditioner. Later I tried it at home - and my hair has never felt more alive.

My friends were getting impatient. I was in my own heaven as I sniffed around for more scents.

Finally and reluctantly, I grabbed an orange/cinnamon bar of red soap, a seaweed soap, a lemon fruit soap, a coconut face soap, and some bath balls.

Later on, I discovered that these soaps created so much scent and lather that I wouldn't dream of using regular soaps anymore. My bathroom smells so fresh now. And I feel so healthy using these products that are free of preservatives.

Apparently LUSH has stores all over the country. But they don't have any stores in the US - because they don't meet the minimum preservatives standards. Tough luck for the States!

30 June 2001

LUSH You can order from their web site.