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Out of touch

The minuses of a "violent" travel schedule are now becoming apparent.

I haven't contacted most of my friends since I came back two weeks ago. Why? I need the time to catch up - magazines to read, bills to pay, things to do.

Suddenly I feel out of touch. I'm not in the loop. Where is the group I belong to?

B & N have moved to Switzerland. So my connection with their friends in London is broken.

Since I haven't been in the office, I didn't even know one of my colleagues was getting married. So many new faces. Have things changed that much since I've been away?

That my cat has found a new home doesn't bother me anymore. At least he knows to come back once a day to eat. I attribute his new behaviour to his three year birthday in May.

My mind is still in another world. I'm still trying to download from my cumulative travels.

At least, there is no discontinuity or dissonance in cyberspace. Everything is still the same. These days I could send photos, videos, text, and even "talk" online. So the continuity is there. My network is in cyberspace.

Offline is another matter.

12 June 2001

I found out one of my contacts was coming to London recently. I asked why he didn't let me know about this sooner.
He replied, "..not sure about your violent travel schedule..."
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