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Bon Journal


Just before I go away, when I'm supposed to be packing and getting ready, I often fall into inaction. Thursday was no exception. I took a nap mid-afternoon, having given up all thoughts of trying to get ahead.

The phone woke me up. In the course of the conversation, I perked up. I suddenly realised there was not much time left.

Over a year ago, when I was getting ready to go to Kenya, I fell into an extremely passive state. I even called my friend Jackie to complain. Indeed, I had looked forward to this trip. But I just could not get myself into the mood to pack.


I was simply too tired. Too exhausted.

Or perhaps it was a change in mood and state of mind.

Whatever the case, once I got going, it was difficult to stop. It was Newton's Law after all.

After landing at Dulles Airport, the 32 C degree heat hit me like a baseball bat. I took off my black tights and my black top and embraced the world. It swung me into action. And the energy carried me all the way to my piano teacher's townhouse.

5 May 2001 N. Virginia