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I fumbled for my wallet in the black cab. The driver waited impatiently until I asked him to turn the engine off as I was having trouble. Finally, I exclaimed that I had lost my wallet. Either take my one pound coin or accept a personal cheque for the fare.

It's 1 am. I'm tired. What should I do? Who could I call at this late hour? Did I leave it on the train? Did I leave it in the Persian restaurant? In the office?

I picked up the phone in a panic. The beeping noise indicated there was a message for me. It was from the security guard at London Business School. Apparently, someone had found my wallet. I couldn't believe my luck. I called and thanked the officer for not only bothering to locate my phone number but also to call me so that I wouldn't have to worry.

Imagine what would have happened? I would have cancelled all my credit cards - and not slept for hours.

Thank you, Steve, for going beyond your call of duty to save a damsel in distress.

3 May 2001 London

27 July 2000 diary entry