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Table 2: Online wholesale power exchanges and platforms

Company or platform
Uniqueness from the company's perspective
Traded products
Revenue model
Altra: Altrade, Altraweb, AltraNet

"Meta-mediary", complete solution, ranked No. 1 by AMR research

Round-the-clock exchange with clearing in natural gas

US natural gas and power; joint venture in UK on gas.

Monthly subscription fee and percentage transaction fee

Amsterdam Power Exchange

First power exchange to support international trading from start

Regulated exchange

Dutch and German power

One-off entrance fee and an annual fixed fee

Automatic Power Exchange

API-integrated exchange and OTC clearing


US power, not yet launched in UK

Transaction fees

Bloomberg: Powermatch

Largest electronic energy broker in dollar volume

Electronic brokering, non-Internet system (no voice)

Power, gas, emissions allowances

Transaction fees


Second energy market-maker on Internet


US natural gas liquids, gas, power, and Canadian gas

Free to participate


First energy market-maker on Internet


Power, gas, coal, crude oil, weather, etc.

Free to participate


First multi-broker


Nordic power

Equity and transaction-based

eSpeed's TradeSpark



European Energy Exchange

First integrated spot and futures exchange for power in Central Europe

Regulated exchange

German power

Membership fee


Best implementation of hybrid model

Hybrid - complement to voice brokering

German power

Transaction fee from buyer and seller


First fully Web-based wholesale power trading platform in the US


Power, crude oil, and refined products

Seller pays transaction fee

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

First non-broker, trader-only consortium

Consortium, over-the-counter, round-the-clock exchange

Natural gas, power, crude and refined oil products, precious metals

Revenues derived from transaction processing

NYMEX: eNymex

First Internet trading platform of NYMEX to be launched

Regulated exchange

Not launched yet

Clearing fee


First multinational commodity exchange for electric power

Regulated exchange with clearing services

Power (physical and financial futures) in Scandinavian countries

Membership, transaction, clearing fees




Crude oil, power, gas, natural gas liquids

Depends on product, transaction fee

Spectron Group

Europe's largest independent energy broker

Hybrid - complement to voice brokering

UK gas and power; German power; Zeebrugge gas; metals

Transaction fee from buyer and seller


Neutral, 100% web-based software vendor

Software for exchanges

Liquid energy but not power yet.

License, transaction based fees.

True Quote

Multi-broker, trader participation


US only: gas, power, coal, emissions allowances

Percentage of transaction or fixed fee for unlimited trades


Britain's first independent power exchange

Regulated exchange

UK power, cash-settled futures prior to NETA, thereafter physical delivery, will operate 24/7 spot market

Fees from trading and clearing of contracts

Author: Anne Ku