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The Diary
Anne Ku

7 February 2001 Wednesday



He called me at 5:30 pm to tell me he was leaving the office. It would take him half an hour to get here. "Anything to drink?" he asked at 6 pm. I poured him the remaining scotch on ice.

After a cigarette, he walked me to his car. We got the movie tickets first. With only one hour to spare, we joined the Happy Hour at Biraporetti's. Having bartendered before, he asked me what I'd like to drink and suggested a martini with olives. This was a strong drink on an empty stomach. What did he expect of the evening?

We had both wanted to see the movie "Finding Forrester." I told him that my father studied English literature in college and that he had always wanted me to read the classics. As a rebellious teenager, I deliberately read Harlequin Romances instead of literature or philosophy. I was trying to warn him not to ask me questions like, "So, have you read Dickens?"

Did William Forrester really exist? He sounded like he did. As with every movie, I identified myself with someone in the movie. In this case, I was the sixteen year old student, and he was the famous author who lived alone.

He opened the door for me, every step of the way, what I expected of a gentleman on a date. After Japanese dinner, he drove me home. "We'll be good friends," I said, "because you and I are totally incompatible." He agreed. "You smoke," I explained.

He smiled and said, "And you're a workaholic."

"The first time you write, write from the heart."
"The next time, from the head."
Is this the same as
"The first time you meet, it's a matter (decision) of the heart."
"When you part, it's a logical decision."
Does the head rule the heart?