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The Diary
Anne Ku

17 November 2000 Friday





One privilege of being a woman is to be taken on a date. When I was a teenager, one gentleman taught me to wait until the guy walks around the car to open the door for me. I patiently waited until I became a student - and everything went dutch. I remember a door being slammed in my face in Montreal because they guy in front of me was afraid that I'd be offended if he opened it for me (in case I was a feminist.)

I had forgotten about the rule that guy opens the door and pays until I went to live in Houston. My next door neighbour, a real Texas lady, was shocked that I split the bill with my date. She said that the guy should be honoured to take me out. Furthermore, men always earned more. So I decided that I must go back to my lady-like ways to attract the kind of gentlemen that first crossed my path so many years ago.

Recently I met a new friend for dinner. He suggested the French restaurant. I was late by ten minutes. He suggested to try the set menu and order a bottle of wine. After dessert and herbal tea, I was quite happy to split the bill or even pay all of it, for it was such a satisfying meal.

For me, the perfect meal is one enjoyed with good company and conversation, in good atmosphere, and of course, good food. This was certainly one.

He would not allow me to pay, but suggested instead that I host a party so he may bring some wine. Perhaps this is the modern day version of "the guy pays." It's conditional, but as a wage-earner and a moderate feminist, I don't feel so bad. So I accepted.

Guys, don't let me put you off though. It's still nice to be treated once in a while!

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