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The Diary of Anne Ku

22 June 2000 Thursday


The sun rose at 4:43 am yesterday, according to the papers.  It was the longest day in the year.  As usual, it got deceivingly late and I had not even had dinner yet.

On the shortest day of the year - 21 Dec 99 I chose to see the full moon on my way back from Thailand.  The moment I landed in London I dreaded the journey back.  It was early morning - but it was still dark.  It was cold.  I started coughing.  This was how my winter began.

After a long six months, summer is here.  But after today, every day will get shorter and shorter.  I know I will feel the difference. 

Year after year, the same rituals.  My tomato plants are growing well from the consistent hot days recently.  The slugs and snails came out as soon as it rained the other day.  The sun is fickle in England.  If lucky, I'd expect my garden to flourish - and I might even get a tan sunbathing in my Mexican hammock.  But I've been here long enough to expect that I will go inside when the sun goes into the clouds.  It gets cold, even in the summer, when the sun goes hiding.  Throughout the day, the sun will go in and out.  I will also follow suit.

From now until the shortest day of the year, the days will get shorter and colder.  In July and August, at least, the chances of getting a good warm day are high.  The sun is giving its best performance.  Then it flirts again.  This sort of behaviour is contagious.  Everyone is catching it.