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The Diary of Anne Ku

18 June 2000 Sunday hot and sizzling 31 C!


What happens when you change your work hours from part-time to over-time?  Something has to go.  I had to give up swimming, sitting in the steam room and sauna, relaxing in the jacuzzi, cycling in the parks under the horsechestnut trees, practising Scarlatti and Bach, baking ANZ cookies, and keeping this on-line diary up-to-date.  Even my ginger cat feels neglected.

In March, I reduced my work hours from four days a week to one day a week.  Suddenly I had time to kill.  So I embarked on an ambitious journey to enrich this website.  Then I committed myself to writing articles for Internet newsletters.  I also offered to help critique websites as well as help my friends build their websites.  I invited friends from afar to visit me while I had all this free time.  Soon, I used up all my time available.

Because of all these commitments, when I started working fulltime two weeks ago, I had to use time at the cost of my sleep, my exercises, and even my travel.  However, my snail mail, e-mail, and voice-mail relentlessly arrived - at their usual pace.  It became a positive feedback - or so-called re-enforcing loop - of playing catch up.  This weekend, I slept and slept.   I dreamt of playing over-time and working no-time.