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The Diary of Anne Ku

2 June 2000 Friday


I crossed my fingers as I checked my log statistics for last month.  12,594 PAGE VISITS!!!!!  That is 5,000 more than the previous month! 

Music topped the list: more than 4,000 page visits.   Next was the home page.  This suggests that people are following a link to  my FREE SHEET MUSIC page from elsewhere.  So it worked!  Surfing the net for the most popular web sites - and then doing a link exchange with them.  I'm going to encourage more reciprocal links of this sort - by having a LINK TO US page at

Immigration is still very popular (more than 2000 page visits) even though I don't even promote it anymore.  I still get lots of people from all over the world sending in their personal details (including salary and work history) enquiring about getting a work permit in the UK.  Too bad that the immigration advisory firm that I had initially built the corporate website for isn't hosting it on their site.  They would be getting business their way.

I'm glad to see that people are taking a personal interest in visiting my photo gallery.  It has finally exceeded the number of visits to my thesis.   I didn't think my 472 page thesis would be THAT popular!

I'm glad to see that this diary is also making it.   It would be nice to reach 1,000 next time. 

Ah!  How am I going to get people to visit my sister Frances' art gallery?  I'm going to ask her to write more useful articles.  After all, she is the real writer in the family!